Achievements at the Model United Nations Conference Abuja

This year’s Conference held in Abuja was themed ‘Preventing Young People From Engaging in Cyber Crimes’. The delegation from TAICO consisted of twenty-nine pupils and two staff. The delegates served on several committees representing different countries. 
The following were our achievements and successes during the Conference:
1.    We won the best behaved/most outstanding Delegate in person of ASALA Simon of SS2
2.    During the election into the Secretariat, HAKEEM Suwebat and ADENIRAN Adesewa both in SS1 contested for the position of Directors who would lead the Delegates in all Committee sessions throughout the Conference. Out of 120 contestants,  Suwebat came first and Adesewa came second which made them winners automatically.
The criteria for being elected Director are: Comportment, power of oratory, articulation, mastery of the details of one’s committee and countries with a detailed knowledge of the committee topics and outstanding behaviour. 
It is also important to note that TAICO also won the best behaved school  in terms of attitude. If we compare our behaviour with other schools, there is a huge gap. The difference is crystal clear.
3. We won the best Dance Drama during the Cultural Night for content and message delivery because the message was clear and precise.
4. The Chairman of the Model United Nations, Dr. Chika, was particularly pleased with TAICO’s performance and said he would give our Principal a special Award because “TAICO students cannot be so outstanding without a good foundation” in his exact words. 
CONGRATULATIONS to the School for this wonderful achievement as the organizers look  forward to our Delegates for next year’s conference with registration starting in January 2018 for all SS1 and SS2 students. 
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  1. Professor Samuel Asala

    Well done once again TAICO – Student Delegates, College Management, Staff and Parents – for this wonderful performance. Glory to God for how He is helping us. May He reward you all for the good work that you are doing.

  2. The Model United Nations Conference is an avenue for students to explore and also to express their potentials to the outside world. They discuss extensively the problems, relationships, and challenges facing different Countries in their different committees and how these problems can be solved. Congratulations once again to entire TAICO community.

  3. Congratulations to the entire TAICO community. And thank God for safe journey and all the great achievements.

  4. Ayeni ninma

    Congratulations to Taico community.

  5. Mrs. O

    This is fantastic!

    It is great to know that our children are being exposed and encouraged to participate in leadership roles. It is very assuring to know that TAICO is not only about academics! We cannot over-emphasis the role of character building in leadership and the nation as a whole!

    Well done to the entire staff of TAICO. Let’s continue to encourage strong leadership values in our children especially as there is dearth of good leadership character in present leaders.

    I would like to suggest to all parents that they encourage their children to register for the conference next year.

    Congratulation once again TAICO…. lets keep the light shining!

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