WAEC Result Analysis: 1st in Kwara State

The analysis of the WAEC results for ALL schools in the Federation, both public and private, for the 2016-2017 academic session has just been released and the top 50 schools in the Federation named. TAICO was placed 31st / 50 and first in Kwara State.
Congratulations to staff and students.
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  2. Yusuf Alli

    Congratulations. I remain proud of the college for this feat. Being first among equals in Kwara State has justified your rating. I commend the resilient, no-nonsense but compassionate Principal, Roy. I praise all the teachers for their commitment and diligence. You should strive to remain at the top.But I challenge the school to be among the top three in the Federation. This target is achievable. Yusuf Alli, Managing Editor, Northern Operation. THE NATION Newspapers.

  3. Ajibola Mary

    Congratulations….. Proud to be associated with TAICO.


    This is indeed ‘the place’. Keep up the good works and God will continue to crown it up with success…I celebrate you all.

  5. James Myam

    Great job. Well done to the Principal, Dr Lillyman and the indefatigable staff. More grease and we hope for a better outing!

  6. Woah this is great, very commendable, more grease to the elbow of the team. We would like to see more of this in the future. TAICO family (Teachers, Parents and Students) should challenge themselves to great heights and resolve to move to Top 20 in the session 2017/2018. We can do it.

  7. Tony Obafemi

    Proud of this achievement.It can only get better.Congratulation to the students,school and parents.You have all done well.

    The Principal also deserves special commendation for maintaining the standard for over 14 years now.We are proud of you and your achievements since joining TAICO.

  8. Adenike Babaoye

    Congratulations!! This is only the beginning of Great Achievements for TAICO. Next objective should be top 10 Nationwide! This can be achieved!
    Kudos to the Students? Teachers, Management and the entire staff that have contributed to this achievement.
    Lets press forward!

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