Sixth Form

The mission of Thomas Adewumi International College Sixth Form and Foundation Programme is not only to provide first class educational opportunities for our students, but to help them to develop habits, attitudes, and values which will give them the capacity to be successful in their higher education and to go on to become leaders in the competitive world in which they live.
Apart from ensuring academic success for our students at the end of the programmes, you can also use our programmes to assess readiness for university studies, especially for students that are too young to travel abroad or proceed into universities.
Students traveling abroad are placed into desired universities as requested by their parents. While with us, they are subjected to in-depth academic work and discipline. They are expected to thrive by meeting their parents/sponsors grade expectations before they are advised to school abroad.
The learning habits we help in our students develop are;
• the capacity to organize and design their own learning and to think on their feet
• the resiliency to persist with difficulty and manage attention amidst distraction
• raising intelligent questions and checking knowledge claims
• ability to form effective teams for work and study
• ability to diagnose and improve their own work
• constantly seeking and acting on feedback

Available Programmes
• The University of Cambridge ‘A’ Levels Programme
• OSSD : Ontario Secondary School Diploma
• University Preparatory Studies (Unipreps)
• Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)/Test of English Language for Learners of English (TOEFL)/IELTS Preparatory Classes


University Preparatory Studies (Unipreps)
Unipreps have been designed to rigorously challenge our students to continuously evaluate themselves for progress made in developing and improving on these attitudes and learning habits using the feedbacks from the University Preparatory Department of the Sixth Form. They are to submit a project designed to measure their progress in developing great learning habits before they graduate. Above all, we want to ensure our graduates have received the best preparation possible for a life of uncertainty as a result of unprecedented technological changes. We want them to leave the Sixth Form with a deep sense of accomplishment derived from the life skills they have learnt, competencies and attitudes that have been developed that would help them become peak performers, lifelong learners and catalysts that can effect positive changes wherever they find themselves.

The University of Cambridge ‘A’ LEVELS
The University of Cambridge ‘A’ Level Examinations are at the forefront of international assessment and are recognized worldwide as a requirement for entry into higher education. ‘A’ Levels are also important to employers, who frequently demand them as a condition of employment. ‘A’ Level is a ‘gold standard’ qualification with an excellent reputation. Good ‘A’ Level grades are a key to admission for all the world’s major English-speaking universities and many non-English speaking universities. The key benefits of ‘A’ levels are;
International Recognition based on: Their reputation as rigorous and taxing programmes that encourage high academic standards
Their acceptance by universities and colleges around the world – including all British Universities – for admission purposes
Flexibility: A wide choice of subjects is available giving students the option to follow a broad course of study, or specialize in one particular area.

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