We offer full boarding facilities for the students in an environment that is safe and comfortable with constant supervision by resident House Parents, who are responsible for their day to day living, academic work and personal issues. We have a reputation as a friendly school with a family atmosphere and place a great deal of importance on the Houses being at the centre of school life. The male and female hostels are located in different parts of the school premises with Junior and Senior students having separate quarters for both genders. Each room in the hostel houses up to eight individuals and included in each hostels are the Common Room where there is a television and DVD player, the hobby room for indoor game activities and the reading room. Academic growth is necessary, but we also believe that student health is equally as important. At TAICO, students are fed in the dining room for all meals. The meals form a balanced and healthy diet and are prepared from quality ingredients by well qualified cooks. An array of activities takes place over the weekends. The weekend programme is full and varied and it caters to the interest of the students, including sport activities.

Medical Care:
Registered resident nurses are responsible for medical care within the college. A competent medical practitioner prior to a new student being offered admission into the college is required to complete a medical form for that child. Should a student require emergency treatment, he / she is transferred to our very own Medical Centre in Oko sponsored by the British High Commission and a Private Trust. The Medical Centre provides 37 bed in-patient care as well as an out-patient department. Facilities includes a fully functional Operating Theatre, X-ray Department, ECG Machine, Incubator, Diagnostic Laboratory and a Pharmacy. Staffed by highly qualified doctors and nurses it is also the college clinic. Parents will be notified immediately if their ward is admitted with a serious illness.

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