TAICO has an ecologically designed system that minimizes environmentally destructive impacts by integrating ourselves with living processes. A school surrounded by a fascinating serene landscape, TAICO reassures you of our go-green environment to enhance and help the quality and development of young minds. Our solar powered ICT department demonstrates not just part of our eco-friendly initiative but also using the ever-growing technological advancement in finding alternate sources of energy in making the earth a better place.

The Self Sufficiency Approach

TAICO follows a self-sufficient approach in the provision of materials and utilities in supporting the school and the local community through practices which includes autonomous building, permaculture, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy. This approach provides great amenities for the school, especially the well-structured school farm which grows and provide nutritional agricultural produce for the students that are completely organic, helping to eradicate issues like genetically modified (GMO) farm produce and other health risks associated with them. The local community also enjoys benefits not limited to job opportunities and food provision like the freshly baked bread from the school’s bakery!

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