The students are encourage to take responsibility and to act as role-models to others with the school community. Member of staff of the school are also encourage to lead by example to these young minds, showing and expressing leadership qualities. At TAICO we place strong emphasis on leadership and self-motivation which has, over the years, successfully made wholesome adults out of our young learners. We strive to make our students independent and empowered young adults equipped with a global worldview and ready to make an impact in the world.


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The Prefect Body
The Prefect body comprises of students who hold responsibility of various designed categories that grow and develop the school community. The Prefects are chosen from Year 11 students entering Year 12. The Prefects go through extensive interviews, tutoring and training both from in-house and third party training organizations. One of the major training grounds for the Prefects is the Lagos based Citizenship and Leadership Sea School Training which finalizes their training programme.

Other Leadership Roles

The students also lead House Competitions such as the Inter-house Championships as well as House Music and Dance etc which they direct, choreograph and rehearse themselves.

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