Food and Nutrition Practical: 2020 Session

Food prepared to show the uses of eggs in food preparation

Items prepared are:

1. Yam balls

2. Cakes

3. Omelette

4. Vegetable salad

5. Garnished rice

6. Vanilla mousses

7. Scrambled egg.


Students’ statements

Adekotujo Jesuferami SS 3C

Ayo Aisha SS3B

Olukayode Goodness SS3C

Taiwo Taiwo SS 3C

Ugo-Nwamba Laura SS3A



Comments ( 2 )
  1. Nice one guys. Reading this article brought back memories of how educative food and nutrition classes and practicals used to be in taico. It’s obvious the students are well elightened about the topic and it’s application practically. Thumbs up to Mrs Abolarin.

  2. Jennifer Ogundimu

    Wow! am salivating. Looks good

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