Online Learning

Guidelines for Online Learning

Guidelines for Teachers

  1. Teachers should upload onto the portal typed versions of the notes they want copied by the students into their notebooks. A deadline must be attached so that ALL students finish at the same time. Ensure a variety of activities not just note copying – word searches, research projects, book reviews, challenges, mini tests, vocab or spelling tests etc.
  2. Students will be able to ask teachers questions directly through the online portal. Questions will be posted to all students on EDVES complete with the answers so as to ensure all students have access to them. Teachers can also reply to individual queries when necessary.
  3. At the end of each topic a formal assessment will be posted which must be completed by the students unaided by a deadline and then submitted for marking. Please be clear in your instructions as to how the assignment is to be completed and your expectations as per quality, marks available as well as level of detail required.
  4. Teachers must mark and feedback directly to the students by the end of the following day.
  5. ALL communication to students will be through the portal and there is to be NO contact by Whatsapp or mobile phone (other than the College phones) under any circumstances.
  6. Teachers who fail to upload sufficient work for their students will be sanctioned by the Principal.

Guidelines for Parents

  1. It is the responsibility of ALL parents to ensure that their children have access to the work set and that they ensure the students follow the prescribed timetable precisely.
  2. Parents are responsible for ensuring that ALL assessments are done under exam conditions with no help offered by anyone.
  3. Parents with more than one child at the school should ensure that they each have a quiet, isolated place where they can work and be monitored whilst there.
  4. Parents are still expected to pay School Fees. Failure to do so will result in them being barred from accessing the online portal. Students who do not complete the work at the appropriate time and / or score good enough results will automatically repeat the entire academic year.
  5. Whilst the College is able to deliver the curriculum content to families at home it is the responsibility of the Parents to ensure that the work is completed on time and to the required standard.
  6. Please note that it is NOT permitted to simply print and stick notes into notebooks at any time.
  7. You are allowed to help your children if they get stuck doing an exercise but please contact the appropriate teacher through the portal with information of the help you have given so that they can identify common areas of difficulty and plan accordingly. You must NOT assist your children during a formal assessment in any way.
  8. ALL communication to teachers should be through the portal as this ensures online security for the students.
  9. ALL communication to the principal should be by email to

Guidelines for Students

  1. Every student must copy the notes supplied neatly and accurately into their notebooks – if they do not have the correct notebook they must get a new one. A copy of the new handwriting policy has been sent to all parents for reference purposes. Students must read it and follow the rules!
  2. Once the notes are completed then each student should read through them carefully and write down any questions they may have.
  3. Questions can be sent to their teachers through the portal who will then answer them and post for all to see. This ensures everyone benefits from question and answer sessions.
  4. In some subjects you will be asked to complete exercises – you can ask a parent for help but please make sure that they contact the teacher through the portal with details of their assistance to assist with the future planning of work.
  5. Formal assessments will be required to be completed under exam conditions – any form of assistance is cheating and will , in the long run, be of NO benefit to the student.
  6. You must follow the timetable as prescribed precisely – there should be no avoidance of any subject.
  7. The work you do is going to be marked and graded. ALL notes will be checked as and when schools resume and failure to have completed them will result in automatic repetition of the academic year.
  8. This is YOUR education and it is YOUR responsibility to get it done to the best of your ability – if you do not you are only hurting your own chances of success later in life!

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Handwriting Policy

Students at TAICO have come from a variety of different schools where handwriting policies may vary considerably. IN order to ensure a common standard of written work is produced by all students the following guidelines must be followed by students when copying notes or doing assignments:

  1. ALL written work should be done in either Blue or Black pen.
  2. If students are required to highlight specific words using a different colour then either Red or Green should be used.
  3. The main heading for any written work should be centred on the top line and underlined using a ruler.
  4. Sub-headings should be near the left hand margin and also underlined with a ruler.
  5. Diagrams or drawings must be done in pencil and any colours added using coloured pencils only. Felt pens or any other kind of pen are NOT allowed for colouring in.
  6. Correction fluid is strictly forbidden.
  7. Mistakes should have a single line ruled through them and the whole word be placed in brackets.
  8. Students may not remove pages from notebooks.
  9. ALL work must be completed in the student’s neatest handwriting and presentation should be checked regularly by both teachers and parents.
  10. Students are NOT allowed to paste photocopied or printed notes into their books.

Notes on TAICO Portal

  1. Electronic notes remain on your dashboard after you downloaded them. You can download electronic notes multiple times.

If the dashboard goes blank after you have downloaded your notes, refresh or reload the tab and make sure you have a good internet connection. 

TAICO Portal is on a server computer outside your site. If you do not perform any activity on the portal, the server will logout your pc after few minutes. You will have to login to connect to the portal. 

  1. Submit Homework. 

When you submit homework, the subject is remove from your dashboard. You cannot re-submit homework. Submit your homework when you are sure you have completed it. 

  1. Opera and Windows Explorer do not support the application on the portal. Use Firefox, Google Chrome and other web browsers.


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