TAICO focuses on physical fitness for all students to create a well-balanced, healthy and enjoyable exercise for non-team players and coaching for school teams. The college houses three-granite floored tennis courts, a Basketball, Badminton and Volleyball court, a Football field, a standard size swimming pool and an exercise room equipped with treadmills, stationary bikes, exercise balls and a large aerobic room equipped with exercise mats, free weights and step-up boxes.


Physical and Health Education (PHE) In the classroom PHE is a requirement for all Junior Secondary School (JSS) students and the focus of the subject is learning through practical experience. Students are prepared for examinations by spending 50% of the time allotted in the classroom and 50% of the time engaged in practical skill development. At Senior Secondary School (SSS) level, PHE is offered as an elective option and the time allotted allows for 40% practical skills development and 60% classroom time. SSS level students taking PHE will be prepared for Cambridge and WAEC examinations.

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