Year 7 and 9

Year 7

A prospective Year 7 student must have completed at least Year 5 in a recognized primary school, such a student MUST be at least 10 years by September of the year of admission. An Application Form is obtained from the designated centre or downloaded from the school’s website after which an Entrance Examination is written and a comprehensive interview is conducted. The process also goes for students joining the college in Year 8, 10 and 11

Accepted students

Accepted students’ names are published on our website in the admission list section. Letters of Admission including necessary administrative matters and the sundry charges for accepted students. Those who wish to defer admission but also want to retain admission space are expected to write to the Principal and also provided a stipulated payment deposit which is non-refundable.

Year 9

We rarely admit Year 9 students unless by special considerations. An Application Form is obtained after which an Entrance Examination will be written and an interview conducted. The Year 9 student have to provide his/her school results and assessments from the previous school which will be reviewed by our academic board before admission can be granted.

Transfer Students

Students who wish to transfer to TAICO are required to sit for an Entrance Examination in selected subjects appropriate to their level. Admission is offered based on performance in the examination and recommendations from the previous school. Students need to provide previous school reports as well as a behavioural record.


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